Dr. Phil called "Nighty Night" amazing!

On the "How to Get Your Child to…(Sleep)" Program:
Dr. Phil recommended that a couple set up a relaxing bedtime routine - a predictable, night-after-night series of bedtime "triggers" that indicate it is time to start thinking about relaxing and going to sleep. He suggested lowering the lights, lowering the volume in the home, reducing any sugar intake during the evening hours, taking a bath, reading a book, etc. He also suggested that the couple try our "Nighty Night" video, and he called it "amazing"!

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Helpful Sleep Hints for Kids of All Ages

1. Your child will enjoy Nighty Night best if you let them discover its relaxing nature on their own. We have found that some children respond best to Nighty Night if they are not told that it will make them fall asleep!

2. Nighty Night is not intended to replace parental supervision at bedtime or replace the reading a good book to your child at bedtime. But it does help with the establishment of a sleep routine as part of effective sleep training.

3. Child sleep experts say creating a relaxing routine at bedtime is best, including lowering the lights and playing relaxing music at bedtime, reading a book, and avoiding sugars and caffeine several hours before bedtime.

Nighty Night can become a part of that routine, with our Bedtime Melodies CD of classical and original lullabies. And, Nighty Night Volume II adds variety while maintaining the same relaxing techniques as used in Nighty Night Volume I.

4. Parents need to stick to a predictable routine, and try not to show signs of stress at bedtime. Keep interaction positive, stay the course, and your child will learn to go to bed.

5. For adults, sleep experts first suggest taking off the pressure to "get to sleep" versus relaxing and getting "rest."

Choose a relaxing, peaceful image and place to focus on in your mind. Begin to focus on your breathing getting deeper and slower as you take steps toward your "relaxing place."

If it helps , you can also focus on a heavy, slow pendulum in your mind. As with children, also avoid sugars and caffeine for better sleep. Nighty Night can even help adults relax too!



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