Dr. Phil suggested the "Nighty Night" video to help a couple get their child to sleep in his own bed

On the "Co-Sleeping" program:
Dr. Phil spoke to a couple who disagreed about how long to allow their child to co-sleep with them. He asked, "Can we agree that this is a "when" instead of an "if" question? The question is when you're going to move him out of your bed, not if. The greatest gift you can give that child is to take care of your marriage."

Dr. Phil then recommended the couple try our "Nighty Night" video as a new way to get their child to sleep in his own bed.

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Our Videos Work to Put Kids to Sleep Fast

Playful animal antics and fun music capture your child's attention. Then, with subtle music and editing changes, the animals slow down and fall asleep which gently lulls your child to sleep too. The video has a running time of 20 minutes which has been found to be the most effective length for a sleepy child.

The wonderful images and relaxing sounds slowly calm and ease even the most restless children. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers will love the results of this amazing video series!

The original Nighty Night video won the Family Seal of Quality from the Dove Foundation and Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board.

This video is recommended for children (and adults) of ALL AGES.


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