Dr. Phil called "Nighty Night" amazing!
On the "How to Get Your Child to Sleep" Program:
Dr. Phil recommended that a couple set up a relaxing bedtime routine - a predictable, night-after-night series of bedtime "triggers" and suggested that the couple try our "Nighty Night" video, which he called "AMAZING"!


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Video and Audio Sleep Aids for Sleep Training that Works for Toddlers and Children of all Ages

The Nighty Night VHS and DVD videos and music CDs were created to take the battle out of bedtime.

Sleep experts say that children need a soothing bedtime routine to help them unwind. Nighty Night videos and music provide the perfect relaxing routine to solve the bedtime battle.

Children of all ages will love the baby farm and zoo animals' playful antics and then watching them yawn, stretch and slowly drift off to sleep. The classical, calming, lullaby music, real animal footage that gradually slow pace will cause your child to relax and peacefully go nighty night too.

Even if your child doesn't have a sleep disorder or sleep problem, they will still enjoy Nighty Night for its' close-up video of animals of all kinds playing and sleeping.

Nighty Night was featured on the Dr. Phil show several times as a help for parents struggling with toddler sleep problems. Nighty Night has also received numerous awards including the Family Seal of Quality Award from the Dove Foundation and the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board.

Watch the video on how Nighty Night works and then buy volume I and II as well as the bedtime melodies CD. With this unique natural sleep aid product you'll train your toddler and kids how to relax and establish a struggle-free bedtime routine that everyone will love!


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